Empower business experts to update their daily processes in real time

Every business process breaks down into several stages (workflow) and formalises itself through complex "documents" integrating the business rules of the company:

The nature of these documents is variable (Mail, Contract, Report etc.) as well as their degree of complexity (number of pages, number of rules, workflow of the company ...).

Employees use Enterprise software’s or Word like softwares that may not simultaneously guarantee that they can produce compliant documents in an automated manner that can be easily exported.

Our technology will allow business experts, without computer knowledge and total autonomy vis-à-vis the DSI, to set up, produce and update in real time all documents of the company (Letters, Contracts, Proposals Reports, Internal Notes etc.).

Tout processus métier se décompose en plusieurs étapes (Workflow) et se formalise au travers de « documents » complexes intégrant les règles métiers de l’entreprise :

La nature de ces documents est variable (Courrier, Contrat, Rapport etc..) ainsi que leur degré de complexité (Nombres de pages, Nombres de règles, Workflow de l’entreprise…).

Les collaborateurs utilisent des logiciels métiers ou bureautiques qui ne leur garantissent pas simultanément de produire des documents conformes, de manière automatisée et exportables facilement.

Notre technologie va permettre aux experts métiers, sans connaissance informatique et en totale autonomie vis-à-vis de la DSI, de paramétrer, produire et mettre à jour en temps réel l’ensemble des documents de l’entreprise (Courriers, Contrats, Propositions commerciales, Rapports, Notes internes etc..).

Osidoc technology will behave like a dynamic document writing assistant, with measurable results:


Personalized documents

Without legal defects

Made in minutes

And even if they are more than 200 pages, in 10 languages and sent in real time to 20,000 customers via Email or SMS!

Its simplicity of handling allows Business experts to be quickly autonomous without any training for end users. For creators of "Templates" of documents with Osidoc, it is simply recommended to know how to use the basic features of Microsoft Word.


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