The transversal solution to the service of your customers and your employees

Improved operational excellence


All documents constituting a transversal process (life insurance subscription, mandates to sell real estate ...).


Osidoc easily connects with all business applications (ERP, CRM, …) in place and without any risk.

Return on investment

Measurable and fast in terms of costs, compliance and customer and employee experience.


Reduced compliance risks

Reliability of business processes

Documents guaranteed in accordance with the business rules of the company and the law.


The updates of your business processes are made in real time and without any additional cost.


A tangible contribution to the improvement of the turnover through more customers and more committed collaborators.

Improved employee well-being and customer experience

Ease of use

No training on Osidoc is required for employees producing the documents. For business experts, authorized to create models, 2 days of training with our teams are sufficient.

Sharing of knowledge

Centralization of the administration of the models with diffusion to all of the knowledge.

Well-being of employees

The guarantee of producing all types of 100% compliant documents in very short times.


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