An implementation strategy focused on ROI and the transfer of competence

An accelerated return on investment

With our customers, we identify processes for which volumetry and criticality are the most important. We also work upstream to optimize the existing document base. Indeed, we have often seen that for the same business process (insurance underwriting, HR contract ...), companies used multiple models, which can be a source of error and inefficiency. Where possible, through a single model, Osidoc responds to all situations.

A real transfer of competence.

The day after the technical setup and the training of the "creators" of models, the company is autonomous to produce and update its business processes.

Depending on the customer's objectives (short production lead times for example), OSTENDI can accompany them by realizing for them all or part of the actual parameter settings.

Customizing the Osidoc interface

As part of the implementation of Osidoc Web Portal mode, customization of the user interface is proposed, in order to adapt to the graphic chart of the company.

A short training to start an Osidoc operation at the end of the second session.

First session on 1 day:

First session on 1 day:

Initiation to the basic functions of document setting with Osidoc and choice of the documents identified as strategic that will be realized during the second session.

Second session on 1 day:

Second session on 1 day:

Session focused on the creation by business teams of the strategic documents in order to be able to start the operational exploitation at the end of the second session.


Unique expertise of OSTENDI teams

mini puce verteAssistance to Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Project Owners.

mini puce verteOrganization and Human Resources.

mini puce verteDesign and assistance of information systems in specific development software packages.

mini puce verteChange Management

mini puce verteManagers and Project Management Assistance

mini puce verteDevelopment in management or fixed price in Client / Server and Internet / intranet in architecture n-tiers.

mini puce verteSupport for using DBMS / R (Oracle, MySql, ...)

mini puce verteTechnical support of the development teams.


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