OSTENDI, partner of the digital transformation of the business directions

Since 1995, many international companies trust us and use our technology and know-how every day to gain agility, operational efficiency, while minimizing their compliance risks.

We support business managers wishing to succeed in their digital transformation for the benefit of their clients and their employees in the following sectors:

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Our mission: to make business departments autonomous in the success of their digital transformation by guaranteeing them simultaneously.

Operational effectiveness

A measurable improvement in their operational efficiency.


A reduction of their compliance risks to achieve 0 legal default.


A tangible contribution to improving revenue through more customers and committed employees.

We are the only player in the market to guarantee:

Autonomous business experts able to make all the updates of their business processes in real time, without additional cost.

An improvement in the well-being of your employees, who without training, will be able to perform their daily tasks faster without error.

A measurable return on investment for the following 3 indicators: Operational Excellence, Compliance Risk, Sales Development.

Technological independence and data that remain your property.


Our DNA is built around values that we believe are fundamental to sustainably support our customers in a relationship of trust.

Humility and listening

In diverse sectors and professions, companies with their own culture, it is fundamental to be humble. Although our teams have been supporting various business departments since 1995 (HR, Legal, etc.), we strive to ensure our clients listen and be transparent. Thus, we will never come with a ready-made solution "because we have treated the same situation with one of your competitors".

Method and pragmatism

We always start our exchanges with the business teams on their daily lives to analyze together the points with high criticality and those with high potential for improvement. This roadmap allows us to set goals to achieve together from the first weeks.


In an accelerated era, where customers' customers do not wait, we make sure to respond quickly. On the one hand, we have a complete mastery of Osidoc technology. On the other hand, our agile management mode allows us to answer you in a few hours.


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